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    Friday, June 03, 2005

    Wishlist: Unmanned Drone

    Northrop Grumman engineers have spent the last couple of years designing a killer drone for the Navy. Today, the company announced that it's starting to build the X-47B Joint Unmanned Combat Air Systems plane. It's the first attack drone "that can operate from both land bases and aircraft carriers," according to a Northrop press release.

    The Pentagon is giving Northrop a billion bucks for the three vehicles, which are designed to "suppress enemy air defenses, perform electronic attack, conduct intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, and perform precision strike attacks," according to the company. The drones will each have a pair of 2,000 pound, satellite-guided bombs to help in the missions.

    I remember when i discovered the internet around 12 in my father's lab. Looking back, how instrumental was it that my father had the latest technology (the old mac) and let me play on it? I can't possibly pay enough gratitude to this. Needless to say i went to work immediately researching why Area-51 was real and why we should visit Roswell when we went to New Mexico. Who knew where it would lead, but thanks Dad. It did get me thinking, could the UFO's of the 80's and 90's been unmanned drones?

    The CIA invented the predator drones for survelliance in Iran and Afghanistan, back in the 80's. If you want to know why September 11th happened and why Islamic Radical Fundamentalism exists today, read Ghost Wars by Steve Coll. Its phenomenal. You won't look at the past or the present the same ever again.

    Ghost Wars


    nunyabiznaz 2:57 PM  

    I work for Northrop, too bad I can't get some of that 1 billion.



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