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    Thursday, June 16, 2005

    Now you see me, Now you dont: How to disappear completely

    "City Hideout," from Dutch design studio OOOMS, is a portable temporary dwelling made to fit one seated adult. The collapsable metal box resembles the kind of streetside sheds that commonly house electrical devices such as streetlight controls, new-age parking meters, and small generators. The hideout can be easily assembled on any corner or rooftop as the ultimate urban camouflage.

    The most intriguing feature of this seemingly simple structure is the stark duality inherent in the design. When viewed as a form of escape and asylum from the city, a shelter from metropolitan neurosis, the hideout exudes an OK Computer-like charm, allowing its owner an opportunity to innocuously disappear amidst the bustle he can no longer handle. At the same time, the hideout's slits create the perfect condition for a new breed of urban voyeurism, suddenly casting its inhabitant as a pathological threat to all passers-by.

    How cool/scary is this? New York is full of voyeurs already, this is just another layer. Reminds me of the bushman in San Fran, down in the marina who hides and jumps out at people. People hardly notice the fantastic art (see stencils post), any bets on how many of these will be spotted actively. It does bring to notice that people are "actively" aware of things. We choose to believe what we want to, and we choose to see what we want to. Let the fun begin......




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