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    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    Citizen's Arrest on Advertising

    Things keep living. That means media too. Messages take on their own meaning once people recognize and respond to content.

    Well what happens to what's delivering your message? The speakerphone, the portal or speaker?

    Meet the Public Ad Campaign.

    Their mission "

    Public Ad Campaign acts on the assumption that public space and the public's interaction with that space is a vital component of our city's health. By visually altering and physically interacting with the public environment, residents become psychologically invested in their community.

    Outdoor advertising is the primary obstacle to open public communications. By commodifying public space, outdoor advertising has monopolized the surfaces that shape our shared space. Private property laws protect the communications made by outdoor advertising while systematically preventing public usage of that space.

    In an effort to illuminate these issues, Public Ad Campaign chronicles the activities of artists intent on challenging these relationships, as well as other contemporary issues in outdoor advertising and public space.

    Through bold acts of civil disobedience we hope to air our grievances in the court of public opinion and witness our communities regain control of the space they occupy."

    Pretty interesting, but nothing novel. Culture jammers have been around for decades.

    Brain Rafferty of the site's blog says it best.

    "One man’s vandalism is another’s political art. Just ask Poster Boy, the Matisse of subway-ad mash-ups."

    Beautiful stuff. I appreciate someone taking a media and giving it a gust of wind. No matter the direction. Check out the site's maestros here





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