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    Thursday, June 09, 2005

    R2EAT2:Never get forced to eat monkfish liver without knowing what it is

    ITmedia reports on the world’s first “tasting” robot, developed by NEC System Technologies in cooperation with Sanjuu University. Since actually slapping taste buds on a slobbery, robotic tongue would probably be far too difficult, the company opted to install an infrared sensor in one of the robot’s “hands.” When you put a piece of food up to the sensor, it will blast it infrared at different wavelengths, and depending on the reverb, the robot can determine what food it is. This is surprisingly accurate — the “Health and Foodstuff Adviser Robot” can distinguish between different types of bread and cheese. "MMM fresh mozzarella, must consume. do not eat this!" I can see the robot getting pissed at people for eating Twinkies or kids refusing to eat broccoli, saying "I dont know what it is, let R2eat2 sort it out!"




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