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    Friday, December 21, 2007

    Lifefilter Retrospect v1

    Well is this thing even on? The Lifefilter has been through quite a bit of ups and downs this year. Some stories were barnburners, others were quiet as a mouse. I used to do a ton of trends for work, but not so much now. Its still my exciting outlet to the universe. I love getting deep comments. Not the visit this page because i have a patent to sell you but engaging additions to the conversation. Please send more in 2008.

    At times i missed this sucker, my microphone to the wonderful world of information. Much about this blog is tied into my career, and often thats quite often why it sucketh. But i can promise the audience that 5 seconds spent outside are 5 seconds contributing to better thoughts. More on that in a bit.

    I dont talk about work too much as confidentiality prevents 99% of it but this year was good to me. I worked and grew. If you can't do something that motivates, challenges, and teaches you, is it really what you want? Are you reaching your goals? What do you want to do? How can you get from where you are standing to opportunity and dreams? I have been super lucky to be part of an incredible rise of an organization that breaks ground everyday. Be grateful to where you are.

    New York is grueling for anyone spending more thatn 10 minutes here. Ok maybe 5. Its definitely a chaotic universe of players, but its also a playground of learning. Anyone thinking of coming here, if you think you can jump do it. Its a new game, but one that will take you far.

    old approach new approach
    Ok so first this was what i see. Then it was what i found. Then it was what i found and why it matters. Now its why it will matter. Lifefilter is just a spouting point, (random) thoughts on what keeps me up at night. Its not about finding the coolest shit and saying oh look! Or proving your trendspotting point by finding one consumer. Dont show me something cool. What is the then what, how is it changing the game? How is it applicable to a category or amongst its whole platform set? This blog gets far less posts but the conversation is up to the true standard of Lifefilter, which is why i suspect people came here in the first place. No more filth. Ok every now and then but its interesting filth. More original thought than ever. Keep those RSS feeds in sync. Oh and look for this blog to put a statement out in 2008. You heard it here. Something applicable you can use everyday.

    This blog has had an approach that has evolved quite a bit. Certainly technology was one part, but the style is charting new territories. My apporach to brands has changed quite a bit. Those of you that didn't notice i got out of the ad business more than a hot minute ago. I also used to do trends, a quite oversttated product. The so called trend-hunters never tell me anything except what changing. My interest has shifted to how can we change it. You dont have to be stuck selling his shitty product, fucking invent it yourself. Or help them go there and invent it, in my case.

    Spouting off
    Whats up with Innovation? I have to get my two cents in. Ads are about being different. How can i stand out and make you think about my brand? You want to SPEAK about the brand in an enlightening way. err ok. Tell me about this new contraption. But what drives the experience? The product. What are the competitors product's satisfying in terms of needs? Can we change the category? Can we change behavior with a new product? Ok see thats what innovation is (in Lifefilter terms). Innovation is not is not a buzz word for computer brands, innovation is not new strategies to use new technologies to target how to sell to consumers. Its about creating to new behaviors or inventing them. This has been going on since the dawn of time, but for some reason the media seem to be enthralled with it at the moment. I cant wait for the buzz to die so i can stop watching ads die so badly or salesmen misquote themselves. Advertising is swining around, and soon it should get real fun. Dont agree? Contact me. Discussions are always more fun when someone speaks back.

    With that said the Lifefilter is looking to forward to a new year. 2008 should be quite interesting and staye tuned to new thoughts to kick it off. Thank you all for reading and returning, you make it fun.


    [ed. note - most popular photo of the year, about to be torn down in 3 weeks]


    Thursday, December 20, 2007

    ESPN SportsCenter

    In case you missed it, i made my sportscasting debut yesterday. More on this at a later date



    Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    Sum of the Parts

    Sometimes the sum of the parts gets lost in the final product



    A Rainbow in Vegas

    Well folks, its again been a light posting but this time due to a bit of travel and well you know the holidays. Quite a bit going on, and some of it certainly has made me question the amount of exposure i want to give on this blog.

    I was lucky enough to get to go to Vegas for Spike's VGAs (videogame Awards) and the Ultimate Fighting Championships. While i wasnt a fan of this bloodsport, it certainly made for an entertaining gladiatoresque evening. The crowd was full of zealots and it introduced me to a demographic that i really had little experience with.

    Vegas is just an anomaly so many ways, from its high-rise explosion in a nationwide economic downturn, to the characters and visitors who continuously flock from the world over. Economically the strip does well but the rest of the city is experiencing the growing pains that many metro areas in the USA such as ubran sprawl, mass transportation, and revival of downtrodden areas. The city has take the initiative to create a tower that takes the self-contained towns, found in suburbs, and shrunk it into a casino-like tower. Self-sufficient with a grocery store and a gym, its inhabitants will never have to leave.

    The town thrives on conventions (rodeos, video games, fights, bachelor parties) to make it a global destination. My weekend saw tons of Brits there to support Hatton the boxer, along with the smattering of professional gamblers. No where else does the service industry receive such a priority as economic driving force.

    Also mentioned was the fact that vegas seems to be getting colder. Nights were well into the 30s, and it may be a bit of a generalization to state the climate is changing but several pieces of evidence existed. Sprawl has shot out well over 30 miles, taking up desert floor, and putting in houses with dont give off as much heat. Water is also becoming an issue, so much so that they paying residents to rip up lawns and replace it with desert fauna.

    Interesting times in Vegas, but i was pretty psyched to see a rainbow appear on the strip one day. No word on how many people flocked to the casino to throw away there money in hopes of finding the pot of gold.

    Special thanks to Meghan for making it happen, and the Spike, MTV, Pepsi folks for the hospitality.

    Wynn Reflection

    Spike's Hospitality Suite - I never wanted to leave

    The Only View halfway Decent




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