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    Thursday, January 29, 2009

    My New Favorite Site: The Dieline

    ive really been getting excited about packaging lately. Maybe its because i have been working on CPG goods more so lately, but part of it could be a rise in my consciousness towards product lifecycle and waste.

    There arent many good aggregrate sites or that approach packaging with a non-industrial perspective. These guys really know what they are talking about, and have a modern sensibility and practicality to their descriptive approaches. Check out these gorgeous pack shots.



    Monday, January 26, 2009

    More Play Please

    "Researchers reported on Monday that a growing trend of curbing free time at school may lead to unruly classrooms and rob youngsters of needed exercise and an important chance to socialize."

    I live near two schools and school behavior fascinates me as it infiltrates our neighborhood. From the hangout corner tribes, to the not exactly awkward-free process for entering school entrance everyday. What i do see is a complete lack emphasis on exercise and socializing. Kids will prolong entering to have that social period into the first bell's ring. Given how far and competitive academics are progressing, its no wonder it take longer.

    Energy and Creativity are probably the two biggest benefits of physical activity and the socio-psycho inputs of social situations.

    Why cant our schools foster innovation? Some do. But why do we restrict this?

    And I wonder if this is applicable to adults as well? Few labor positions are built around socializing and physical activity. Maybe the modern agency? But how could we do better



    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Stories Move Us

    Look familiar?

    Nike has always been open to focusing on the little things. That means bringing to human side of life to light. Human interest is what really captivates and moves us, not just technology, perceived value or other less than motivating product attributes that are commodities in today's day and age. These Nike dunks pay homage to Michael J Foxx who played as Scott Howard with the Beacon Town Basketball Team Beavers. Thats Teen Wolf for those youngsters or deep thinkers among us.

    Sure there are time and places to be so literal, but this is brilliant acknowledgment of the cult classic movie Teen Wolf that will surely tug on nostalgic heart strings a bit. Nike's ability to take leaps in the name of culture create a curation-like role consumers crave. Dare i say few other brands can insert themselves into the saliency of culture with the tactfulness of Nike. Why dont more brands acknowledge pop history?



    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    This should never happen

    Despite many brands viewing logos as disposable, I think this represents a reason as to why it matters. Brand wranglers, please wake up at the wheel and differentiate your logo. Give it some meaning...please

    [ed. note - Added Obama logo after kind observation. thank you friend!]

    Clearly this three stripes bit means something like we are predisposed to like three stripes...err. What could this mean?


    Wednesday, January 07, 2009

    Proximity and the Right Place

    Jeff Staple the "accidental" designer, who seems to create and dictate streetwear trends himself has an interesting article about the relevance of proximity. Such an interesting fellow, would really love to meet him one day! Specifically he talks about the new Kanye West CD. To me i myself have debated on its new direction, singing vs rapping , instrumentals vs productions and so forth. Jeff has a great analogy in his decision to place a logo in its proper or not-so-proper place depending on his desired effect. He enlightened me quite a bit by saying that the purpose of the first track is to ease you into the process and maybe better suited as a soundtrack for walking around a city or a personal adventure. Which got me thinking why i choose certain songs before i go out, or before a big day at work. Proximity matters. If anything Kanye probably brought back the importance of how someone listens or inputs a piece of media. Remember the magic of listening to a tape or cd the whole way through, and how songs held hands as tracks changed?

    JS sums it up best as "I thank Kanye for showing me that "Placing Things Where They Should Be" works not just in fashion, but in all art forms." Rightly so, and brands should consider the importance of placing things where they belong versus where they necessarily want to be.



    Sunday, January 04, 2009

    Here we Go...

    Back to Grind!

    photo here




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