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    Friday, September 29, 2006


    Lifefilter is under maintenance 3-5EST


    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    Whats Next?

    Here at Lifefilter, we figure its never too early to start planning your weekend excursions. For us, we will be providing coverage of Wired's NextFest. WIRED Magazine has created its vision of a new world's fair and brought it to New York City. More than 150 exhibits from scientists, researchers, and inventors around the globe will be at the Javit's center. WIRED NextFest features innovations in communication, design, entertainment, exploration, health, transportation, security, and green living. Hybrid vehicles, ballroom dancing robots, laptop orchestras, veinviewers and space vehicles will all be yours for the taking err viewing. If you are in the New York area and have time, don't sleep on this. Purchase your tickets online through Wired's portal and receive a free years subscription to Wired Magazine.Check back next week for more NextFest goodness.


    Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    Fly With Your Eyes

    Ever wanted to fly? This video is absolutely remarkable. Shot from the cockpit of a radio-controlled airplane, the camera's video is transmitted to the flyer on the ground below, who's wearing VR goggles. When he moves his head, the remote camera's pans and tilts correspond exactly to his movements. The result is FREAKIN COOL and gives a feeling of actually being in the plane. It's extraordinary. Nevermind the nyc skyscrapers, I want a R/C plane now so bad.
    Come Fly With Me
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    Monday, September 25, 2006

    Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror

    Running until October 27th is Anish Kapoor's Sky Mirror in New York City's Rockafeller Center. This mirror is about 50 feet in diameter and absolutely spectacular. Apparently the square had some extra money for the month and decided to do something for the people. This is a photographer's playground. I got some absolutely amazing shots and the illusions it creates reminds me of Millenium Park in Chicago. If you have a moment, do check it out. Lifefilter will bringing you a series of photos covering this great art installation.
    Lifefilter's Sky Mirror Coverage
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    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    A day in the life of Edge: U2 guitarist and world traveler

    Nothing too new to report today. Yahoo! and CurrentTV have a new partnership. To get people excited about this really uneventful merger they handed U2 frontman Bono a cmera to make video of his travels. I love U2, this video isnt them playing but merely being (real) not megastar people. It looks like this is going to have new episodes appear daily on the Current site. I love CurrentTV and its user-generated format, though every piece of content gets extensive filtering otherwise we would have another Youtube on our hands. Despite being filtered real, i constantly find myself watching Current instead of all the junk on tv out there. Take a gander if you do fancy.

    Zooropa Baby!


    Tuesday, September 19, 2006


    In this day and age cameras are everywhere. Including in space. I have been watching snippets of nasaTV. I find it boring and pretty spectacular at the same time. NASA has been providing live coverage of the space shuttle and its missions as it orbits the earth. Its amazing to watch the earth fly by. What was really interesting was to watch the communication between the usa and Russian shuttle command centers. They speak over the phone (or whatever version of 2 cans and rope they have now) via a voice translator which adds a weird echo to the phone. For all you aspiring astronauts who never caught that rocket to pluto, this is your space fix.
    Fly Me to the Moon
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    Monday, September 18, 2006

    One Time Only: Nike Design Project

    Nike tapped boutique design firm Hunter Gatherer to create visual love for an out there project. The animation above is an homage to the One Time Only project, a hybrid of several classic running shoe models and the new AirMax 360 soles. One Time Only’ was the proposal when Nike design duo Richard Clarke and Jesse Leyva presented their new project to Nike’s CEO Mark Parker. In fact, the newest project involving Nike Air cushioning technology is pretty unique. It is a convergence of the most recent development in Nike Air cushioning- the Air Max 360 shoe and the iconic predecessor Air Max models that have continuously expanded the possibilities of Nike Air Cushioning.

    Nike One Time Only shoes will drop Fall/Winter 2006-2007.

    * ed. note (Lifefilter maintenance is still ongoing. We haven't been able to get the beta template to accept all our widgets and rss feeds, so until compatability issues are completed expect Lifefilter to look pretty much like this)

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    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    The aftermath

    Apple didn't give us the full screen ipod we wanted but we did get a new shuffle, a new(er) ipod that was much improved, streaming movies and itv. I did throw the thoughts around about itv. I myself am an early adopter when it comes to technology. Ok i have 2 airport expresses setup in a loop network in my apartment(dont ask me how i figured that one out). Apple's iTV allows downloadable content to be streamed from your computer to your television. Which just happens to be the focus of the new and improved itunes. Initially i thought wow Apple is giving us yet another half-baked product. Who needs near DVD quality movies streamed when you have netflix and tivo, both of which provid similar solutions. But the more I thought about it Apple isn't taking on just blockbuster, netflix or amazon here. This is a battle with microsoft and sony for the living room. Surprisingly Microsoft is already here in the form of xbox live which offers downloadable games and content to be streamed from pcs. Yet the xbox is the only hardward piece sitting in the living room and its somewhat limited. Sony should launch its Ps3 sometime this fall/winter and that too will be limited to mostly games (as far as we know too). So this is clearly a logical move for Apple, if not brillant in the long run. It already owns content channels in the form of music and has a loyal online following. If its movie service can establish itself Apple is sitting well to be a provider of content and a creator of content. It doesn't have to make tvs like sony. These days companies like Youtube or Flickr are the most successful because they have a loyal following amongst their consumer channels. Also another major component is the format wars. Sony wants blu-ray, Microsoft wants HD-DVD, yet the future is streaming and online storage (i.e. Youtube, Ondemand). So Apple could be uping the electronic giants but do we really need iTV now, since an eventual upgrade would be needed for true HD in the proper ratio. In the long run this is a smart move for Apple, the only short term stumbling block is if people hesitate on the near DVD quality. Sorry for the bad grammared rambling, more thoughts on this when i am not working late.
    Of My Eye


    Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    One more thing live feed from Apple

    See the whole thing unfold right here....
    (feed is currently overloaded, but should be up soon or after the conference)

    for the rumored (ipod) and additional secrets see the post below

    for live blogging see or
    warning: sites are swamped with extreme traffic volumes

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    One more thing from Apple

    Well we have waited long and hard for this. We have endured countless fanboy mockups of the fabled touchscreen ipod but nothing has materialized. It may not have yet, but gizmodo has a purported leaked sampling of today's Showtime announcement from CA. Below are some lines, see Gizmodo for the whole bit. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED!!

    Rumored Apple Announcement
    "Let's just say I have been informed by a little reliable birdy about Tommorow's event. The line-up will follow this similar structure:

    Welcoming of Media Members
    Discussion on iTunes software, iTMS integration into iTunes, and iTMS
    sales and facts.
    Announcement of iTunes version 7.0
    Announces better search feature for Music Store
    Announces Movie Store. Available Immediately will be movies from
    Disney and Pixar, among other studios.
    New iPod Nano Announcement (nice brushed casing, while it will have
    same features as first gen, only a longer battery life)

    New iPod Announcement (Widescreen, Bluetooth, and featuring virtual
    touchwheel. Does not include Wi-Fi, or any other protocols)
    One More Thing....

    ubePort. A $99 2-piece set that includes a dongle that connects via USB to your mac, and another dongle that connects via included HD cables or regular Component cables to your TV. The movie is accessed on your Mac via an iDisk-like storage component hosted by Apple.

    Jobs will then explain the pricing structure of the Movie Store.
    Movies wil be available as either a smaller iPod-format (which will
    cost $9.99 per movie), or as a larger, streamed movie to be streamed
    to your TV via TubePort. This cost $14.99 per movie. To purchase an
    iPod-formatted movie and a streamed version of the same movie, it will
    cost you $19.99."


    Gizmodo scoop
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    Friday, September 08, 2006

    Jet Setting

    In chicago today...Email me if you want to drink a beer at the airport tonight


    Maintenance this weekend


    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Lifefilter Maintenance

    Well gang Lifefilter is underdoing some 'changes'. While all of it is aimed to be upgrades, some tinkering may result in sudden loss of posts, sections or advertising. Sit tight and we will have you through it before the weekend is over. Oh and if you see a feature missing or want added please give us a shout at


    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    Gaming comes of Age

    Ever want to know how much a culture is impacted by a hobby? Just look at its prominence on today's television cablewaves. Video Games are enjoying a huge presence right now as Microsoft's 360 has just launched and Nintendo prepares to launch its Wii console. I myself love some Halo and whatnot, when the little lady doesn't have me hauling stuff around. Below is a current & minor sampling of how video games are living in pop culture today. The building above is from Madrid and architect Blanca Lleo. The Pong ad is one of my current favorites. Kudos to the agency for creating that (ogilvy?). All hail Youtube and streaming video.

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