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    Tuesday, May 31, 2005

    the brits are quite confused

    A track based on a cell-phone ringtone famed for its ability to infuriate listeners topped Britain's singles charts on Sunday, beating the new track from the band Coldplay to the No. 1 spot. "Crazy Frog Axel F," inspired by a ringtone based on the sound of a man imitating revving mo-peds, was the highest-selling single in the list compiled by The Official UK Charts Company. The chart takes into account sales of CD singles and downloads. WOW so ringtones beat actual music... So basically people there you have convergence before your very eyes. Online music is THE predominate form of media now, and habits have changed to on to the go listening (who sits down and listens to a whole cd these days?). Cell phones are THE media of choice and influencing everything from video games, to music, to television with Sprint's Vcast.


    hookers on jetskis

    Hookers on jetskis are all over the place in Connecticut. Seriously. And its the most important thing going on there. I will update later since i have too much work to do this morning. I need to find a consistent time to post, it might just have to be in the evening people


    Monday, May 30, 2005

    Boston Marathon

    The adventures are continuing with Brandon and Erika...Stay tuned for a lowdown when i return.


    Wednesday, May 25, 2005

    ross goes driving

    Somehow i have convinced my company to give me a free car to boston for memorial day weekend. And then next week a two day road trip in search of the green moutain. Which happened to be founded by the man behind EZWIDE rolling papers. HA. While im sure it wont be my ferrari, it will be nice to escape the city. This could get a little crazy chaotic.


    hello neighbor

    Australasian researchers have helped discover a new planet in the Milky Way, and they believe it's just a matter of time before more are discovered. The gaseous planet is about 1000 times the size of Earth and is about halfway to the center of the galaxy, or about 25,000 light years away, researchers said Tuesday. The project used a little-known technique called micro-lensing -- using the gravitational pull of a star to act as a giant lens -- to help astronomers to look for new planets. Its incredible we are still finding planets in our own galaxy. Just imagine what exists in other systems. If we happen to be on one planet, in a galaxy of thousands of stars, who is to say that another galaxy cant support life. And what if the Discovery Channel had already been there........
    Alien Planet


    Tuesday, May 24, 2005

    whats wrong with this picture?

    so walking home from the train I see this round kid huffing and puffing on his bike up the hill. I was walking faster than he was. We got stuck at the traffic light and then once it changed, i almost beat him across the street. Where was he riding to? The pizzeria in the bottom of my building......


    Thats hot

    So now Paris is starring in a Carl Jr.'s ad for a new burger. Typical Paris stuff. If she wasn't incredibly hot and washing cars and eating burgers, id be yawning by now. The Hilton ad is the latest in a string of controversial, often suggestive ads for Carl's Jr. that show how far the company has come from the days when it was run by founder Carl Karcher. The prominent Orange County Republican once had a statue of St. Francis of Assisi placed in the foyer of the company's Anaheim headquarters. WOW OK....Since Karcher was ousted as chairman in 1993, the company has hired the likes of former basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner for its commercials. Now 88, Karcher could not be reached for comment but i bet he is already rolling in his grave.

    Spicy Paris


    Sunday, May 22, 2005

    "I take my vitamin everyday. It's called a steak."

    Ahh yes hardy new york. This is a fantastic place. After living here 1 year I can still get lost in this gotham. I still make discoveries each and every time out. It really does have a lot to offer. While i revel in the ability to get lost, it definitely takes a lot to deal with the day to day. It makes little moments like grilling jamaican steaks seem so more. Now about the weather....


    Friday, May 20, 2005

    If you continue to hunt, there will be no more wildlife....

    This game was the greatest. I cant tout my hunting skills enough. i would lead my band across america with only rifles and bullets. Clothes? shah! Boots and food? yeah right. Cholera? Dysentary? Thypoid fever? Nothing a little game meat cant heal....Gimme a gun. I started on this game in middle school and mastered the art of simulated hunting. Squirrels to buffalo, you name it, i shot it. So much i could never carry it back. I guess we now know the roots of America's over-abundent ways... College humor has an interview with the creators. I think they should make a real life game called new york city: trail of pay for that
    Gary has dysentary


    Visions of a Sugar Plum Fairy dancing in my head.....

    I was having the most fantastic dream last night and right on cue i woke up. Desperate for Eva? apparently i must be. I have never even seen the show, but i may have to one of these days. Those who know me, know my lady preferences so is it really a surprise? Usually i wake up to the construction of the hispanic ballet across from my building but today, oh its raining. They were still working but, no noise. Weird. Which is the theme of the week. I found a website ive been looking for months, everyone knew but me. Its been a strange one, but i think the ship is back on course.
    Oh My


    Thursday, May 19, 2005

    i am your father......

    So today i definitely did not get a post up anywhere near a decent hour. whoops. george sent me to a technology meeting. Fascinating stuff such as fiber optic shoe laces, sound guns, shoe hotels, cell phone stores with bars in them etc etc. so anywahoo by the time i was back at the agency, i had too much to do. yada yada yada. sorta bored at the moment so i will post a random link. enjoy darth tater up there
    people with too much time on their hands


    Wednesday, May 18, 2005

    Get your MacGuyver on

    Obviously, this knowledge should be used for good, not evil. As we saw from Kryptonite’s quick turnaround with their bike locks, this should teach Kensington—and others out there mildly interested in security and the securing of objects to desks and the like—that the world is full of smart young men and women who are able to solve the darnedest of problems and that QA is really the wave of the future.
    Open Sesame



    Ladies and Gents, Start Your Engines! The 7th annual Gumball 3000 is now underway in Europe. This year the Cannon Ball Run style, drive all day and party all night rally begins in London and does a 3,000 mile European tour before ending in Monaco. There are over 100 vehicles-- some old, some new, many fast and a few driven by stars. One of my favorite Jackass episodes had the guys racing across europe in the Gumball. Steve-O sleeps the whole time, even when thieves try to jack the cars. I saw this in the bahamas, before lightning struck our generator and knocke the tv and satellite(permanently out). Illegal as hell, this race is destiny for me and my benz.
    Gumball 3000


    Tuesday, May 17, 2005

    back from vaca

    back in the jungle from beautiful chapel hill. I already miss it. I did so much though
    1. Slept in my bed!
    2. went to our beachhouse with my parents
    3. went sea kayaking in the bay
    4. helped my dad build a boat ramp
    5. Read a book
    6. Ate seafood
    7. Drank with my sister
    8. Watched my sister graduate
    9. A late night at SweetBriar lane
    10. BBQ madness with the easties
    11. Introduced the hulkster to my 2 best friends
    12. Alien Planet
    13. Saw the first girl i ever kissed (still hot, still cant tell if they are fake)
    14. Did all the doctor's appointments
    15. Important Errands
    16. Free money
    17. Drove the Benz
    18. Played with my cats
    19. Dinner at Pazzo's
    20. Gave myself a haircut
    21. Went Fishing with my dad-caught bluefish, redfish, flounder, trout, grunts, blue crabs, stone crabs, annoying horseshoe crabs, a bigass stingray, baby hammerhead
    22. watched crabs eat a filleted fish under the dock
    23. Armadillo Grill
    24. Moved my sister out of her apartment

    but i didnt get my sleep. back to it . Had fun, wish i could have seen everyone


    Thursday, May 12, 2005


    im on vacation at the moment, so bear with me and ill update some time soon.


    Wednesday, May 11, 2005

    NYC....have instrument will play

    I am becoming convinced that new york city is THE haven for all horrible street musicans. Today i saw the "incan" pan pipers playing "my heart will go on" by Celine Dion. And they had 2 dollars in their case. Usually when they play their more ethnic tunes they seem to have a bigger pot. Then there is the man who plays his toy electric sax on the 2,3 line everyday. Its atrocious, obnoxious, and the man is always off-key. When i first moved here one morning a man came through the train playing his electric accordian with a blaring speaker strapped to his back. At 8:45 in the morning mind you. This city has a ton of great music and venues, but the street muscians here leave a lot to be desired with their talent and tactics. In San Fran i would see rock bands give impromptu concerts on the corner. Everyone got involved and the shows were amazing. Siiigh. And to the guy who plays frank sinatra in the background and pretends to sing "EVERYONE CAN TELL YOU AREN"T SINGING"
    Good Music


    Tuesday, May 10, 2005

    Now they skate

    Here is the latest ipod ad. Its right on every level yet again. How can you not love these ads?


    Store Wars

    From the makers of the Meatrix....introducing Store Wars
    Starring: Dark Tater, Chewbroccli, TofuD2, HamSolo, Obiwan Canoli, Cuke Skywalker
    Hilarious and organically healthy at the same time.
    Come to the Dark Side


    Running Riot

    So police in LA were chasing a Suburban through Compton. Police thought the suspect was firing so they commenced pulling triggers. Apparently they fired over 120 rounds in an attempt to get the suv to stop. Turns out the suspect was unarmed and a deputy ended up getting wounded by his fellow officers. Nevermind the nieghborhood. "There will be a full investigation" the LAPD announced. To live and die in LA....


    Monday, May 09, 2005

    just when i open my mouth

    I thought we were learning from the Japanese with the vending machines but then along comes this. Having 2 Japanese clients makes me aware of the "lost in translation syndrome". Maybe someone can make sense of this. Introducing the Kewpie. They look like ordinary noodles. WHAT THE HELL are the red things? They look like villi lining the stomach, or some weird tele-tubbie embryo. AND WHY ARE THEY SPINNING? is this at all enticing? Does this say mmm noodles? The Japanese really have some strange stuff....If anyone can explain it, drop me a line.
    God Save Us


    Pray it doesnt get stuck

    here is a vending machine at the atlanta airport selling ipods. Michael K's here in the city, has a machine with kicks in it. Finally us americans are learning a thing or two from the japanese when it comes to product placement. My question is does it take quarters or only $100 bills?



    my inner techo-geek squeals here. Look how gorgeous this looks. With Star Wars coming out, i can take a trip down nostolgia lane back to those lightsabers and the deathstar. We have come so incredibly far. The next-gen consoles are going to be mind blowing, but to think that ordinary joes can do this type of stuff on a simple graphics card? Virtual reality is about to take on a whole new meaning.



    Privateers arose in the time of pirates and kings. Privateers were private citizens devoted to a cause, under the guise of establishment. I already posted about the rise of custom content. as consumers dictate how and what goods are produced. But who speaks for them? In this day and age, it again seems to be private citizens taking the charge. The whitehouse seems to think its good for SS to become privatized. Riding on the train to work, i saw an ad for the Peanut Growers of America. Im sure everyone has seen the Got Milk, Beef: its whats for dinner, Real Cheese ads. All of these groups are spearheaded by private organizations representing the farmers. Do these farmers feel they need to help to compete?What changes in society have forced such an outsourcing of representation? It seems that even 500 years later, people recognize that sometimes they drink their own Kool-aid, and need an fresh view to truly solve the problems.
    test your pirate knowledge


    Saturday, May 07, 2005

    Vanilla Ice: Genius or Gonzo?

    I spent the other night wasting my time watching Vh1's The Remaking of Vanilla Ice. The purpose of the show is to give Rob Van Winkle another chance at a career by showing he was serious into the comeback. They gave him the opportunity to escape the past by changing his music, recording style, wardrobe and choreography. Yet on the whole show Vanilla didnt listen to any suggestions from his "experts". Stick it to em Vanilla. In fact Vanilla didn't trust his group trust coach or his life coach, and learned all the exercises by watching. Vanilla had clashes with everyone and his quip the whole show "i just dont want to be thrown under the bus ( neither do i buddy), made everyone weary and disgusted. Vanilla was still plain ol Vanilla at his "arrival" show.. OR did he pull a fast one and just get a free concert out of Vh1? His new cd was his second cd remade. Wow i think he showed them. sorta like calling domino's and pretending you have a free coupon. tv show. free. concert. free. cd. free. sticking it to vh1 so he doesn't get thrown under the bus.priceless
    Stop, collaborate, and listen...Ice is back with the same ol rendition


    Friday, May 06, 2005

    Modus Operandi

    So today i was eating my breakfast of Eggo waffles and i noticed that i finished off the box. i usually eat 2 in the morning before work, and low and behold, on friday i finished them all. It seems 10 come in a box. Now this got me wondering. Is it a conspiracy like the hot dog and hot dog bun deal with 12 dogs and 8 buns? Or is eggo actually doing there homework, realizing people eat those waffles before work, like myself just on weekdays. Package goods companies are usually on top of quantitative research of this nature, but am i giving Eggo too much credit here? And where does the syrup fit in?
    stupid questions answered


    Thursday, May 05, 2005

    the secrets of butterfly navigation

    If anyone is familiar with the band The Verve, they had a great song about life and catching the butterflies. I havent seen too many of them since moving to nyc but i bet i will when im back in nc. My grandfather had a collection of some incredibly blue ones.

    Scientists using a flight simulator have figured out how that their light-detecting sensors are hard-wired to their circadian clocks, allowing the creatures to compensate for the time of day. The monarch butterfly is known to use the angle of sunlight as a navigational guide on its annual fall migration from across North America to Mexico. But how it processes the information had been a mystery.

    Monarchs are very adept at sensing ultraviolet light, a wavelength of sunlight that is invisible to the human eye and causes skin cancer. The butterflies can detect the sun's angle even on a cloudy day, allowing them to always head South. Scientists have known this for years.

    Researchers led by Steven Reppert of University of Massachusetts Medical School found evidence last year that the butterflies rely on polarized ultraviolet light. Polarized light has been filtered to vibrate in one plane instead of all directions. In sunglasses, polarization reduced glare.

    In the new work, Reppert and his colleagues discovered that ultraviolet photoreceptors dominate the part of the monarch eye that specializes in polarized light detection.

    In flight tests, they blocked UV light and found the butterflies lost their way.

    The new study also pinpointed the location of the butterfly's circadian clock, a processor in the brain that governs 24-hour activity and metabolic cycles of insects, humans and other animals. Key genes responsible for the clock's molecular "ticks" were expressed in a brain region called the dorsolateral protocerebrum. In there, tiny neural fibers connect the clock to polarization photoreceptors in the eye.

    If you want to know more read the journal Cell or check out the live science article
    fly butterfly fly


    Wednesday, May 04, 2005

    Sapporo changed my life

    Wow. Drink this please. Ok shameless promotion here but do me a favor and think about this beer. The can is incredible and i am happy to say i have a chance to craft its prescence. I can certainly say its changed my life. Ive eathen things i have never dreamed existed because of it, ound out how tragic my golf game is, and ive learned how los angeles oozes with silicone from my brew tour. Sure i wanted one tonight to celebrate, and no i didnt get one. Then agian never count on an irish pub for a japanese beer. Somebodys got to do something about that.
    Samurai Beer


    Dancing Robots

    This is a sweet ad for Citroen, some european car(i believe). Scion had this technology inspired idea first though. Nice Locks N Pops, JT would be proud. my transformers never did this.
    Read about it
    See it


    Making Mother's Proud Everywhere

    Yes, I was involved in this. More on that as it develops. On monday i told George, my president, that i was a pirate. We left it at that. I know mom must be proud. Welcome to wednesday people.


    Tuesday, May 03, 2005

    Its like im eating but im not.....Virtua Food

    Every once in a while an idea comes along that makes you say, "why didn't i think of that"?

    MenuVista, the thesis project of ITP student Chia-wei Chang, gives restaurant customers a preview of their orders by projecting photos of the meal on their empty plates. Besides, the system allows them to modify their orders by using a projected menu with a touch sensor interface which includes menu text and food images. On the restaurant table, a blinking icon invites you to START ORDERING. You touch the start icon and the titles of each category of the menu appear. By touching the icons projected on the table, the image of the dish selected will be projected on your plate. You can also modify the dishes and hit the "Pick this" icon to have the image of the dish stay on the plate. If you're happy with it, just touch the "Complete Order" icon. A summary of your order will show up, so are the options of changing the orders.

    I can just see it now "Mommy why doesn't my Big Mac look like the one in the picture"??? EXACTLY

    Chang's work will be at the ITP show on May 10 and 11, but you can get a preview of it today at 12,20 by checking the live webcast of his project. ''See the Menu in action"


    The Ugliest Phone in a long time.....

    Motorola Launches Ojo Videophone

    Motorola has launched the Ojo Personal Video Phone. The Ojo is cool—it does 30 frame-per-second video while keeping the audio in sync. The Ojo is Fugly—it looks like a duck’s foot. Or a Snake. or some root type thing. At $800 it better have a time machine, and a wi-fi finder included. Have any personal video phone devices actually gained a market foothold? Isn't that supposed to be spanish for eye or something?? Who designs these things, its not even cellular??


    Monday, May 02, 2005

    The next round of Open Source: Shoes to Peanut Butter

    A rising trend in companies are products tailored by consumers. Trendwatching has released a compilation of the most visible collaborations and global conversations involving millions of consumers ABOUT corporations. Influx believes that there is a fundamental shift happening in the marketing world, with the trend moving from representation and reflection in advertising, to a complete integration of the idea into the business process; we see it with the expansion of new consumer content media channels and in the myriad of new ways for consumers to create their own products. Id agree but im too busy making custom shoes on the Nike ID site.

    Course i was onto customer tailored content when i helped get this sucker off the ground back in frosh year of college.


    Sunday, May 01, 2005

    facebook phenomena

    what is the deal with this facebook thing? Collegiate types eat this shit up. i feel slightly behind the times using friendster. Friendster seems to be a more post-college, let me show off my life whereas the facebook is a more here are my friends type deal. its an interesting notion, almost a living yearbook, which you showcase your friends. not to mention you can be friends or approach people you never could in real life. You can also join hilarious groups in order to gain acceptance. Im a proud member of the sweet tea club, and the nap club among several others. What up MR. T?




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