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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006

    WOW. This is top-notch animation at its finest. Its inspiration is the double dragon days of NES and big wheels. If you aren't a gamer you might not appreciate this(could be squeamish if you are super-sensitive). If you are, check it out. The amimation is absolutely phenomenal/incredible/mind-blowing and its no wonder how this chap secured himself a job in the industry after doing something like this.
    See it
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    Organic Solutions: Energy and the Economy

    News filtered in yesterday that many gas stations shut down in protest over the high prices. I find this somwhat satisfying yet painful. Our oil companies had record revenues well over $100 billion dollars this year. In fact it was the highest revenues ever for energy profits. President Bush laxed oil environmental standards to allow more oil into the market, yet does he see the big picture? You don't have to answer that. Maybe this summer and its $4 gas prices will be the final straw to get people riding buses, bikes and looking to renewable forms of energy. The UN says that people have already begun to look for biofuels to solve energy answers. I wonder if this can save the agricultural sector. Brazil runs most of its cars on ethanol and its now the largest agricultural producer in the world for many products. The US needs to look to Brazil and other agri-energy leaders for not only solving the energy crisis, but boosting our sagging agriculture as well.

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    Tuesday, April 25, 2006

    Gas Mania

    Think what you are paying at the pump is bad??? Why not find out what the other guy is paying...More to come on this subject later

    Fill me up
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    Friday, April 21, 2006

    Xbox Marketplace: Cars?

    Here comes the newest (freest) Speed Pack for Project Gotham Racing 3, which offers up a dozen hot, fast cars, by the Cadillac V-Series Collection. Kotaku sees it (me too) as the perfect example of advertising in gaming. They’re willing to give something to gamers for no cost, in exchange for the very obvious product placement. So gamers get to tool around in some new cars, and Cadillac gets to have potential car buyers do virtual test drives adnauseum. Burger King is currently developing some sort of mini-game, possibly full-fledged but this is a signal of shift in the marketing world. The trend is moving from representation and reflection in advertising to a complete integration of the idea the business process. I dont think its the end of the ad agency, but presents some interesting collaboration issues. I do think its more organic for the brand. This expansion is booming with new consumer media content channels and myriad of ways consumers create their own products/advertising/movie mash-ups etc. Ahhh now its getting good people.

    Holla at the Lac Lac
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    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Honey I tagged G.W.'s plane

    Marc Ecko, who is known to many as the inspiration for complex magazine (how does anyone inspire a publication) and the founder of ecko clothing. He also has a videogame out called Getting Up in which the main character's name is Trane, about one his fellow Ecko founders, Coltrane Curtis. No one acknowledges this...EVER..(well except Trane, but thats another story). Yesterday I saw this video on in which Ecko rants about why he tagged the president's plane. My first viewing (not knowing it was fake) was somewhat atonished that he could get past such lax Secret Service agents. Low and behold its a complete setup. Yet Ecko puts the word out that he did it in the name of free speech. Is he saying he would of tagged the prez's plane if he could, or he believes in free speech so much he wants to do mock-rants? It seems to that when standing up for the power of absolute truth/speech, it should be on the basis of a truth. Yes he beat nyc, to hold a graffiti party but why make yourself out to be this advocate on the basis of a staged event. Have some balls and tag the plane buddy. I think Ecko has miscalculated the effect this might have on his consumers too, once word gets out that its fake. Consumers are fairly savvy and there is nothing worse, than lying to them. Especially in the hip-hop game, where street cred is so valuable. Come on Marc, even you should know that. By the way the admission video makes you look corny too..
    Still Lying?
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    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Where are the Rastafarians?

    A planner's best friend is sadly not the internet. It's big ol raw data. I think i can say that most get excited when some truely cool data comes along like these maps of the distribution of religious belief across the United States. Fascinating! Not much surprising, but seeing it in color on a map really helps grasp what religion means here. I found it extremely interesing that catholics seemed to be underreported in the South. Being a southerner i know that there are definitely some clusters in the more metro areas, but it looks more like the gobi desert. What i find most interesting is that there are patterns when looking at methodists, baptists, heck even amish. Yet Muslims seem to have no patterns and are about as scattered as can be. This map paints a great evolutionary drive of religion in america. This could be the best friend of any planner trying to get an idea of the religious landscape.
    Where Did Jesus Go?
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    Wednesday, April 12, 2006

    More of this..

    means less of this

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    Tuesday, April 11, 2006

    Video Games + Tagging= heaven

    Space Invader is a French graffiti artist that does tile mosiacs on public places. He also designs sneakers. Similar Space Invaders dot the megapolises. Apparently, there are over a hundred of his little retro designs sprinkled across the blue spinning ball called Earth. This is a fantastic way to 'accidently' tag the ground around you. This was spotted in Tokyo’s hip Harajuku neighborhood, which is near the BAPE store.
    Invade Paris
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    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    Filter on: Society

    Every so often a cultural artifact comes along that is a good indicator as to where we as a society are headed. I saw this ken doll in the latest issue of DETAILS magazine. I am not sure what to think. Ken's jeans appear to be stone washed and faded. oh and a rip because thats what the cool kids do. His hair is some hipster type tragic cut. He has a MURSE!! je@#$... I seem to recall that little girls are the primary buyers of these things. It is this a clear sign of how much our culture has homogenized? The graphic tee completes our doll quite nicely. This isn't your mother's ken doll. Id really like to know how this does wtih its intended target. Is it normal? is it expected? Or is this conceived by Grups/Kidults in some sterile environment? Regardless its a nice, dareisay, reality check on our society. Sometimes a single object can give us a good grounding point into what our culture is curently valuing and where it is headed. I just want to know where the Harry, the homeless bum doll is.
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    Tuesday, April 04, 2006

    Hollywood goes Digital(bombing)

    So hollywood is now releasing downloadable movies albeit that new-found hollywood "punch-drunk style" that seems to be affecting the business. Five of the six major movie studios have agreed to let consumers download movies to own for the first time. In separate deals set to be announced yesterday, Movielink and CinemaNow are set to offer download-to-own sales of feature films concurrent with the home video release window, in addition to the download-to-rent option that the two digital distribution services already provide. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, MGM and Lionsgate titles will be available on CinemaNow. Movielink has agreements with those studios as well as with Paramount Home Entertainment, Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video and 20th Century Fox. Prices will be roughly comparable to DVDs -- $20 to $30 for new releases, $10 to $16 for catalog titles.Ummmm isnt that more than the price of a dvd??

    "This really is a transformative moment in the distribution of filmed entertainment content," Paramount Digital Entertainment president Thomas Lesinski said. "Hollywood has finally made a real commitment to sell films online and embrace the digital consumer." Has this guy talked to consumers recently???

    Walk the Line is a good example. Movelink offers it for $26.99, while Best Buy offers it for $14.99 (Amazon has the same price also). So you get to pay more for a lower quality, less accessible movie, and no extra features. While this may be a better model to rent a movie (360 does this even better & as convergence occurs, will be more prevalent), this is not better to own. IT IS MORE MONEY!!! WAKE UP HOLLYWOOD!! The larger issues are piracy and possibly a swipe at Apple. Clearly hollywood still doesnt have its eye on the ball as it continues to produce bombs. That starts with 1. original & compelling content 2. digestable models that consumers can easily embrace and watch. I don't think that convenience outweighs price here.

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    Saturday, April 01, 2006

    Dope Campaign

    Wow as soon as I get out of the game for a hot minute, the ad game seems to blow up. A lot of creative uses of media popping up. This one, found via Wooster is titled "Push Him Out of Begging. Not Out Of Your Way". This interesting campaign is by Childcare India. A sticker near the door's handle says "Push him out of begging. Not out of your way." This is an ingenius use of stencils and incorporation into the door medium. Very cleverly thought out and a great solution to those unicef cartons, or people walking the streets wearing vests asking for donation commitments. They truly understand the problem and the use of the door literally forces the experience upon the person. Great, great stuff.

    Wooster sells out
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