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    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Super Mario or Spreadsheets? NES games online @ work

    Lifehacker brings you quite possibly the greatest way to piss off your boss ever. vNES is a website that lets you play over 200 old-school NES games straight from your browser. From Mega Man to Super Mario Bros, the site even has some Japan-only games in case you want to play games you can't read but are inevitably fun. The emulator works on both Macs and PCs meaning no one gets left out. Metroid, Super Mario Bros., TMNT, Tecmo Bowl, and even Yo Noid! is here...

    **ed note** (Yo Noid! is one of the first examples of advertising creating gaming content for branding purposes. Coca-Cola had an internal one on the atari 2600 called Pepsi invaders that is one of the most rare video games ever produced. Retroboy has a nice article on the most elusive video games)

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