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    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Another Day, Another Touchscreen iPod Rumor

    Steve Jobs just blew off the ipod's largets competitor to date, Microsoft's Zune in a recent interview. He compared the Zune to a failed pass at a girl. Why this hubris in the face of a evil empire? What does this mean? Lets rev up that touchscreen rumor mill again! Now Trusted Reviews is posting a conversation with an "extremely well-informed exec from a 3rd party company". He states that the fabled 6GB ipod will be released in December and have 480p resolution. We know the iPod touchscreen patent documentation exists, and we've encountered endless rumors and even reliable tips about the upcoming device; Maybe this is why Jobs seems to care less about the Zune. Just release the damn thing!!!

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    MacPhyle 1:07 AM  

    6GB?? Ha! ;) I hope they can do better than that, or I'll have much longer to wait than I thought for my next iPod!

    MacPhyle 1:19 AM  

    Ah, I see now -- 6 Generation, not Gigabyte. Silly me. ;)



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