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    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Sony's New Bravia 'Paint' Ad

    Sony BRAVIA has launched its second iteration of the the Colours ads called 'Paint'. Directed by award-winning Director, Jonathan Glazer and the creative team from Fallon, that came up with 'Bouncing Balls' last year. The proposition behind both ads has been to communicate 'Colour'. With both ‘Bouncing Balls’ and ‘Paint’, their intention was to show the depth of colour that can be taken for granted if you have a BRAVIA high definition LCD TV. Im not sure how much consumers really can value color (yes we like it!) but the ads are done on a such grand scale that you can't help but be captivated. The 'bouncing balls' spot was pretty magical and this one doesn't disappoint. Here is the laundry list of all the necessary ingredients for your own exploding paint building ad:

    70,000 litres of paint
    358 single bottle bombs
    33 sextuple air cluster bombs
    22 Triple hung cluster bombs
    268 mortars
    33 Triple Mortars
    22 Double mortars
    358 meters of weld
    330 meters of steel pipe
    57 km of copper wire

    It took 10 days and 250 people to film. Check it out. For more on the background of the ads and the inspiration click the link.



    Anonymous,  2:40 PM  

    Dear Sony Bravia,

    You amazed me in 2006 with your epic branded video for the Sony Bravia, when you dumped 200,000 bouncing balls down the treacherously steep hills of San Francisco. The pairing of the Jose Gonzalez cover of “Heartbeats” for the music was absolutely superb.

    Now, oh my dear Sony Bravia, now, you have truly brought me into a sorrow. After months of anticipation, you gave us this ad.

    Not only have you failed to create the magical experience you did so well with your first ad, you even stooped as low to beleaguer an ever-tired classical song.

    What made the first commercial such a massive hit? You created a feeling of wonderment, romanticism, nostalgia, curiosity, and provided everyone with a brief moment of inflection. Not only that, but the visual stimulation of watching thousands upon thousands of rainbow colored super balls bounce up and down in slow motion along the San Francisco hillsides was incredible. You provoked excitement, intrigue, and inspiration for all those that watched.

    Why Sony Bravia, have you let us down with your ad, or should I say pathetic excuse for branded entertainment. I waited patiently for this ad to be produced, and now I am in a state of utter disappointment.

    In the words of Derek Zoolander’s father, Larry Zoolander, “You’re dead to me boy [Sony Bravia]. You’re more dead to me than your dead mother.”



    Ross Cidlowski 4:39 PM  


    I agree this was a major letdown. Sony did do an excellent job as far as developing the blog site and teasing us ahead of time, but like most hollywood sequels it left us feeling like we were cheated. How does this affect your feeling's toward the Sony brand? I wonder if this ad could end up being polarizing to consumers..



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