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    Monday, October 23, 2006

    The Sound of Music: CBGBs closes

    A sad note to those of you living in a cave; its unfortunately true that the legendary CBGB's, birthplace of the Ramones has been closed for good. Now, while we bemoan the legendary rock and roll venue, you need to check the truth of this statement made by the landlord:

    The Bowery Residents' Committee, landlord of the building on the Bowery, "believes it is in the best interest of our clients — the homeless and neediest New Yorkers — to sever this relationship," BRC executive director Muzzy Rosenblatt said. If thats true, how does the closure of CBGB's help the homeless of New York?

    While thats besides the point, and the typical banter towards both parties this that of "selling out". This was truly a one-of-a-kind music venue that helped establish rock and roll. hell the Ramones career came out of here. I was privileged enough to experience it, and see my friend's band play. My hometown Cat's Cradle is the closest thing to this, shout-out for those Hillians out there. Rumor has it that CGBG's may reopen in Vegas (?). This could create quite an interesting brand story. --> Brand venue goes kaput yet lives on vicariously through satellite venues, clothing and online world. Stranger things have happened.

    Yahoo has a pretty cool slide show on this piece of Americana. Click the link.





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