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    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Part 1 of Wired's NEXTfest: GE CGI

    We have finally uploaded what is the first of much Wired's Nextfest footage. Everything from ballroom dancing robots to infrared imaging to even writing on smoke is coming down the pipe. This is a quick clip from GE and some CGI logo treatment goodness. Im not sure of the exact technique used on these blocks, possibly some artifical stop-motion bit. Whatever it is, this combo is hot, hot, hot. GE was a major presence at the expo. While many of its technologies focused on in-home innovations, it did have the most diverse showing also with self-diagnosis medical kit stations, custom irrigation systems and even a new technological process to infuse color within plastics eliminating the need for paintjobs in vehicular solutions such as cars. For more on GE and the nextfest check it out and our new site video logo treatment.

    See it again for the first time




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