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    Wednesday, October 11, 2006

    Lifefilter NYC Shop Guide: Where the locals go

    Usually the Lifefilter doesn't give away our secrets but today is your lucky day. The holidays are in the oh-so-visible future. Before you know it, your wallet will be empty as you fight it out with hipsters for the Nintendo Wii, A-Life tees or the newest hoodie from Supreme. A little birdie created a simple destination blog that has some of the best & super-secret shops in new york city for quality goods. While its not the newest (Kid Robot has had huge renovations since then), it has all you really need to know. We aren't talking H&M type stuff, but rarities that are one-of-a-kind to new york city and will give you the freshest duds in the city. These are the spots to hit if you come to the city, not the Century 21 store or even David Z's for kicks. Check out the link below.

    Another site, that has a ill-dud-freshness is Superfuture. It covers not just New York City but Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo, Amsterdam, London, Shanghai, Singapore, LA and about 500 more cities. Superfuture has over 4200 "brutally honest" reviews on everything shopping related. With links to nearby hotels, it really is the ULTIMATE customized shopping companion. The best part are the easy to read maps which can be handy when the street numbers disappear and Hudson street intersects Hudson street.

    NYC Shop Guide
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