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    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Nike: Past and Present

    We seem to have nike on the brain. My former boss has just left for Nike and we are waiting for him to send us some damn shoes! Oh and besides that, we wear em everyday. Air Maxes, Dunks, AF1s we love em all. Two interesting looks into Nike over at Josh Spear. The first is the origin of the swoosh which is about as synonymous as any logo on earth. Phil Knight asked for a logo representing movement wasnt bowled over by the original designs. Take a read, great inspiration to all you aspiring designers out there.

    The second is a look inside a nike factory. Literally a behind the scenes pass to this often secret world. I half expected 3rd world conditions for all the politcal campus rallies ive seen. For some reason it says Pegasus on the sign, yet the molds are nike. Very sobering reality to those hot dunks on your feet.

    Fleet Feet Factory
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