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    Tuesday, May 08, 2007

    Trash to Treasure: Recyclebank

    Readers of Lifefilter, know we are big proponents of anything thats positive for the environment. We even spoke about the possibleEnd of Garbage not too long ago. Little did i know that here on the East Coast, a recycling company is attempting to shift the paradigm. RecycleBank has helped recycling rates explode from 30% to over 90% in one Philadelphia neighborhood. The company picks up all recycleables for free, and records the weight. That is then turned into RB dollars which you can redeem at participating stores (Starbux, Fedex etc) and restaurants as well. Win Win Win situation for local governments too, who have incentives and less strain on their infrastructure. Currently in Pennsylvania, Dirty Jerze, Delaware it is set to expand soon into NY and throughout New England.

    While this still may not solve the inherent problem of how we actually classify garbage, its good to see so much support for consumer-driven green initiatives. Would you recycle more if you got paid to do it?

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