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    Tuesday, May 01, 2007

    Sapporo Season Two

    I had the opportunity to help rebrand Sapporo several years ago and part of our strategy revolved around creating an iconic lifestyle brand that lived outside the sushi restaurant. In addition to the underground events and crazy concerts we did, a bit of branding revolved outside of the bar venues including creating these awesome custom Air Force 1's. Coltrane Curtis , my former associate and style guru extraordinaire has carried onward creating the second round of Sapporo-inspired streetwear. Trane really gets the streets talking with his collaborations from Spoonfed and Crooks and Castles to create some very very ill apparel. Word is that Steve P had a hand in the designs too. The only way you can get a shirt is to know Coltrane, know Dennis (C&C) or attend the upcoming Sapporo runway fashion show in Miami. Don't hold your breath cause it sounds like the LE is literally around 100 units.

    Goodluck to Trane and the Epiphany crew in their future Sapporo Endeavors. Oh and you can send that lasered briefcase my way too Trane!
    Sapporo Runway Show

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    Anonymous,  8:03 AM  

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    Ross Cidlowski 8:49 PM  

    Glad you liked it. Feel free to join the email list to keep up with everything Lifefilter.

    Ross Cidlowski 8:49 PM  
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