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    Thursday, May 24, 2007

    Star Wars Collectible Media

    Walking to work every morning i always check out the street posting and random tags that went up overnight. Living in the East Village means im pretty much in ground zero when it comes to street art. Usually the corporate stuff isn't too catchy but this morning I saw a gem. The History Channel is promoting its upcoming Star Wars 30th Anniversary behind-the-scenes show, which explores the influences and intricacies of the Star Wars Franchise. They are using giant tear sheet posters, which passerbys can rip off and post on their own wall. A brilliant use of media, which not only sets it apart but hits true Star Wars fanatics at the heart who are always looking for collectible memorabilia. I snagged a Yoda 'origins' sheet, similar to this one which illustrates Yoda's evolution from Buddha. For a few Star Wars facts you may not know click here. The History channel show airs May 30th at 9pm (thanks tipster!) Im not a huge Star Wars fan, but this certainly has piqued my interest. How about yours?


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    Anonymous,  10:25 AM  

    Hey! I thought you might want to know that in light of the 30 year anniversary of Star Wars, The History Channel is running a special called "Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed" which premiers May 20 at 9:00 pm ET. It's this really cool look at the political, historical and mythological influences on Star Wars. To promote this special, The History Channel is also running this contest offering the chance to win a trip to Star Wars Celebration Europe. I think that this is pretty awesome since we all know how expensive these trips can be. You can enter at

    Ross Cidlowski 2:45 PM  

    Cool sweepstakes. Will definitely check it out. Thanks for the tip on the air date. Thanks for reading the blog!



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