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    Tuesday, May 15, 2007

    Knowledge is the New Currency

    In this day and age technology brings together worlds. It also proliferates information faster than we often care to. Being able to manage the flow or become an expert in a particular area is a trait of the new breed of consumers. They are often immune to advertising, not willing to commit to a brand through purchase and want involvement in the creation process. These try before you buy folk need a little hand holding to get brand commitment out of them. While places like the Landrover schools, or Weber grill restaurant show consumers how to use their (potential) products, why haven't tech stores done this? Best Buy lets you try it, but doesn't show you how to wire it. Consumers are so hands-on and DIY-oriented, you would think tech teaching would be hot.

    Looks like Apple gets it, as usual. OnetoOne, which is now being featured in their ads is personal interaction with a specialist on anything Mac. While their classes are still a cut above what anyone else offers, there is no substitute for direct conversation. All of this is offered at $99 a year, which even i believe is a good deal for access to knowledge.

    I myself have always wanted to know do i go Apple TV or the mac mini route on my multimedia network? How do i get it on the HDTV? Looks like i can finally get an answer. Look for more brands in the future to educate consumers on the category and become a concierge, establishing stronger emotional and functional connections through knowledge guidance. This is the DIY- internet age after all and a brand can't exist assuming that consumers are naive or in the dark. They have dreams and visions and a brand that isn't prepared to help consumers get their on their own might need to watch its back.




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