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    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    The 24K Facial

    This image just reminds me of ancient kings and royalty. Plus i have seen it cropping up in various places the last few weeks. Doing a bit of naturals/Skin work, i am amazed at the amount of technology/science that goes into this stuff, but i guess when it comes down to it, Gold & diamonds will persevere forever. Restore your skin with the ultimate skin rejuvenating treatment, 24 Karat Gold. UMO, a Japanese beauty company, has introduced the gold facial as a new way of skin treatment by using a sheet of pure gold. The company claims that gold can lift and firm skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lighten and brighten skin. The treatment costs 30,000 yen ($250). Is this a sign of the new VIP experiences to come?

    A bit ridiculous if you ask me, especially since you have to wash off the gold. Heck if i paid that, id want the gold on at least for a day. Ridiculousness at its best.


    pavlovich74 10:18 AM  

    whenn i read about this in the local paper and saw that photo i just thought it was some one of thing but its common couldnt those people that could afford the facial just give it up once a year and feed a starving village some where? over indulgence to the max!!!

    Ross Cidlowski 2:44 PM  

    Seriously! Talk about the gilded age. The influx of money into China's economy and rising middle class is going to produce some interesting behaviors.

    scott,  7:45 PM  

    I get spending money to show off status (fancy car, big house) But the weird thing about extending this trend to private products / services (facial creme, spa treatments) is that NO ONE KNOWS YOU DID IT.

    It makes me wonder if a treatment like this would be more popular if you got a picture of yourself along with the treatment - you know, for your myspace profile.

    Wait a minute: for far less, you could offer people JUST A PICTURE (Photoshopped)!

    Ross Cidlowski 11:00 PM  

    I think this type of treat occasion is more self-serving and then the reveal is purely social. Some people just the idea they are getting the best/exclusive/unique. A picture would probably be too attainable to get people excited



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