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    Monday, May 07, 2007

    The Den of Innovation

    Ive always felt the advertising industry is a bit ego-inflated to begin with, but eternally wondered why there weren't any shows on the TV that focused around the daily activities/hijinx within the offices. What Women Want doesn't count either. Now comes, Dragon's Den, a show that "matches would-be product creators up with a team of potential investors, and lets us see who--and what--makes the cut." Guess no one still wants to sell the product, but everyone wants to create it (exactly why i left advertising).

    Interesting yet i find it living in the same lame world as the user-created ads from Doritos or America has talent. No actual idea exists, so lets give the people a go at it! All jokes aside, this apparently has done quite well in the UK and it certainly raises questions of consumer involvement in product innovation. Is there a better way to involve consumers? Is it more than just participatory groups or ethnographies? Why are all reality tv shows contests?

    Into The Den




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