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    Friday, April 21, 2006

    Xbox Marketplace: Cars?

    Here comes the newest (freest) Speed Pack for Project Gotham Racing 3, which offers up a dozen hot, fast cars, by the Cadillac V-Series Collection. Kotaku sees it (me too) as the perfect example of advertising in gaming. They’re willing to give something to gamers for no cost, in exchange for the very obvious product placement. So gamers get to tool around in some new cars, and Cadillac gets to have potential car buyers do virtual test drives adnauseum. Burger King is currently developing some sort of mini-game, possibly full-fledged but this is a signal of shift in the marketing world. The trend is moving from representation and reflection in advertising to a complete integration of the idea the business process. I dont think its the end of the ad agency, but presents some interesting collaboration issues. I do think its more organic for the brand. This expansion is booming with new consumer media content channels and myriad of ways consumers create their own products/advertising/movie mash-ups etc. Ahhh now its getting good people.

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