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    Thursday, April 06, 2006

    Filter on: Society

    Every so often a cultural artifact comes along that is a good indicator as to where we as a society are headed. I saw this ken doll in the latest issue of DETAILS magazine. I am not sure what to think. Ken's jeans appear to be stone washed and faded. oh and a rip because thats what the cool kids do. His hair is some hipster type tragic cut. He has a MURSE!! je@#$... I seem to recall that little girls are the primary buyers of these things. It is this a clear sign of how much our culture has homogenized? The graphic tee completes our doll quite nicely. This isn't your mother's ken doll. Id really like to know how this does wtih its intended target. Is it normal? is it expected? Or is this conceived by Grups/Kidults in some sterile environment? Regardless its a nice, dareisay, reality check on our society. Sometimes a single object can give us a good grounding point into what our culture is curently valuing and where it is headed. I just want to know where the Harry, the homeless bum doll is.
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