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    Wednesday, April 19, 2006

    Honey I tagged G.W.'s plane

    Marc Ecko, who is known to many as the inspiration for complex magazine (how does anyone inspire a publication) and the founder of ecko clothing. He also has a videogame out called Getting Up in which the main character's name is Trane, about one his fellow Ecko founders, Coltrane Curtis. No one acknowledges this...EVER..(well except Trane, but thats another story). Yesterday I saw this video on in which Ecko rants about why he tagged the president's plane. My first viewing (not knowing it was fake) was somewhat atonished that he could get past such lax Secret Service agents. Low and behold its a complete setup. Yet Ecko puts the word out that he did it in the name of free speech. Is he saying he would of tagged the prez's plane if he could, or he believes in free speech so much he wants to do mock-rants? It seems to that when standing up for the power of absolute truth/speech, it should be on the basis of a truth. Yes he beat nyc, to hold a graffiti party but why make yourself out to be this advocate on the basis of a staged event. Have some balls and tag the plane buddy. I think Ecko has miscalculated the effect this might have on his consumers too, once word gets out that its fake. Consumers are fairly savvy and there is nothing worse, than lying to them. Especially in the hip-hop game, where street cred is so valuable. Come on Marc, even you should know that. By the way the admission video makes you look corny too..
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    Stella,  6:03 PM  

    Even if it's fake, I think its a much more interesting way to get publicity than advertising. At least he's trying new stuff. his video is cheesy as hell, but i appreciate motivation. I'm not offended by a good hoax. Where did everyone's sense of humor go? isn't that more fun than some stupid tv ad?

    Anonymous,  6:29 PM  

    so what it's fake. reality tv is so fake, but people keep watching it.

    i just think its a little insane to go after the president when the government is monitoring everyone.
    i hope marc ecko is watching his back.
    same goes for those fools who made the film.



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