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    Wednesday, April 26, 2006

    Organic Solutions: Energy and the Economy

    News filtered in yesterday that many gas stations shut down in protest over the high prices. I find this somwhat satisfying yet painful. Our oil companies had record revenues well over $100 billion dollars this year. In fact it was the highest revenues ever for energy profits. President Bush laxed oil environmental standards to allow more oil into the market, yet does he see the big picture? You don't have to answer that. Maybe this summer and its $4 gas prices will be the final straw to get people riding buses, bikes and looking to renewable forms of energy. The UN says that people have already begun to look for biofuels to solve energy answers. I wonder if this can save the agricultural sector. Brazil runs most of its cars on ethanol and its now the largest agricultural producer in the world for many products. The US needs to look to Brazil and other agri-energy leaders for not only solving the energy crisis, but boosting our sagging agriculture as well.

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