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    Tuesday, April 18, 2006

    Where are the Rastafarians?

    A planner's best friend is sadly not the internet. It's big ol raw data. I think i can say that most get excited when some truely cool data comes along like these maps of the distribution of religious belief across the United States. Fascinating! Not much surprising, but seeing it in color on a map really helps grasp what religion means here. I found it extremely interesing that catholics seemed to be underreported in the South. Being a southerner i know that there are definitely some clusters in the more metro areas, but it looks more like the gobi desert. What i find most interesting is that there are patterns when looking at methodists, baptists, heck even amish. Yet Muslims seem to have no patterns and are about as scattered as can be. This map paints a great evolutionary drive of religion in america. This could be the best friend of any planner trying to get an idea of the religious landscape.
    Where Did Jesus Go?
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