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    Saturday, August 13, 2005

    Telernet or Intervision?

    Add TiVo to the list of companies trying to wed the Internet to television. The San Jose maker of digital video recorders will soon allow customers to download TV shows to their set-top boxes via the Internet -- even before the shows air on TV. TiVo has struck a deal with the Independent Film Channel to transmit several of the cable channel's shows through a broadband connection as part of a trial program. TiVo has offered its 3.3 million customers a form of watch-what-they-want, when-they-want-it luxury since it launched in 1997, but the service remains restricted to broadcast schedules, and customers must program their set-top box to record shows. Content on demand has long been a holy grail for Internet and cable companies as they hunt for the next generation of television. No one yet has found a way to overcome the considerable technological hurdles, such as finding a speedy way to pump two-hour movies through broadband, or convince Hollywood that its content won't be pirated and that it can profit from Internet broadcasts. Yet another example of convergence people...hmm in 20 years will tv exist? Will the internet? could it just be called media?
    this is it; this is the big one folks!




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