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    Friday, August 12, 2005


    Wow i can't escape the ipod and neither can you. Michael Tseng has created Mopah, a ten week project at SCAD. Just plug in your ipod and off you go whisking away with your personal tunes. Not only does ipod supply the music, but it's also the key. Using the unique serial number on your player means that only your ipod will unlock mopah. Its an ipod or he claimes boombox, inspired and centric scooter. His prototype runs on a 500 watt motor, and two 12 volt batteries. The speakers work in conjunction with the ipod so users can experience the joy of riding mopah with tunes. Its fairly simple and his site is cool. Someone will give him a job. Just imagine if steve jobs wanted to buy vespa and remake it..
    Mopah fo Noma




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