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    Friday, August 05, 2005

    Shanghai Tunnels

    Be grateful you don't end up in the city’s infamous Shanghai tunnels. In the late 19th century, Portland's waterfront was in its heydey filled with passing ships, prostitutes and workers back from sea temporarily--or so they thought. Apparently a popular practice back then was for ship's captains to pay minions to find a drunk, able-bodied young man at a local bar, drug him, and "shanghai" him which meant sneaking him through a series of underground tunnels that led to the city's waterfront. He was sold, unconscious of course, for slave labor and awoke confused the next day on a slow boat to China where he would likely spend the next three to six years. The tunnels also connected various bars and properties of ill repute along the waterfront during the early-mid 20th century. Having checked out the various tunnels Seattle has to offer, this sounds quite fascinating. Who would of thought our west coasters would have such a way of dealing with the "trash".
    Get shanghai'd
    forbidden city




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