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    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    Pretty Much the Worst Ride Ever

    Napoleon (played by Jon Heder) and sidekick Pedro (Efren Ramirez) star in three TV commercials and a handful of radio spots for this year’s fair. (Check out “Napoleon’s Sweet Ads” on the fair’s main Web page. Napoleon revisits the days when the carnival rides weren’t so great. “In days of yore,” he says, “the Utah State Fair didn’t have sweet rides like the Scrambler, the RockoPlane, the Octopus. ... Instead, they had retarded crap like this”—at which point Pedro duct-tapes him into a flimsy cardboard box and rolls him through a field, down a set of bleachers and over a fence. “This is pretty much the worst ride ever,” Napoleon moans. The fair, to be held Sept. 8-18, is celebrating its 150th year. This year’s tagline: “All your wildest dreams will come true.” These are hilarious. It will fill your ND on Napoleon's sweet ads




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