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    Monday, August 22, 2005

    great WEDDING now im CRASHING

    Had an excellent weekend in Richmond. DrewDawg graciously drove my ass all over and showed me the Creek. Awesome to chill with my homie. Saw my "extended" family also known as the UNC swim team. I can go anywhere with these people and feel like when i take off my shoes, its always appropriate. It was a fantastic wedding, and a big big party. Here are some pictures i don't remember taking.

    congratulating the newlyweds. Im still standing!! (wow i am that short)

    Bradley flashes the McDade street sign.

    I was convinced my jacket was much cooler to wear inside out. um this was later in the evening....

    Willem flashes the secret society doctor's sign. do any of my pictures of willem not have him throwing this?

    Janna and me. this means trouble.

    Lindsay and me

    Bdiddy outside waiting for the shuttle. Now its coming back to me...

    The Train Station where the wedding reception was held. Richmond has great Civil War era Architecture.




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