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    Sunday, August 07, 2005

    Real Estate Observation

    The past 2 weeks I have spent the majority of my time searching for a new pad. it has been an incredidbly disheartening and enlightening experience at the same time. I have attempted to search out apartments on my own, use internet brokers, craigslist, real estate agencies, and cold calling classifieds. I have learned that this is one nightmare i want to end. New York is a fascinating place to work but with my salary, the living situation leaves much to be desired. Im very proud of my search skills being a planner, but competing with brokers for every half-way-semi-livable apartment has me at wits end. These guys get 2 grand for "showing" me an apartment. Real estate language can be broken dow with low level typically meaning ground level and spacious describing any space. Also as i sat with an agent, another one kept telling me how good she is, "oh she is just the best", not realizing hey you sit right next to her at work. Always consider the source and always check the language. And if you actually know of a deal that exists in the new york real estate market, let me know....
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