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    Saturday, May 07, 2005

    Vanilla Ice: Genius or Gonzo?

    I spent the other night wasting my time watching Vh1's The Remaking of Vanilla Ice. The purpose of the show is to give Rob Van Winkle another chance at a career by showing he was serious into the comeback. They gave him the opportunity to escape the past by changing his music, recording style, wardrobe and choreography. Yet on the whole show Vanilla didnt listen to any suggestions from his "experts". Stick it to em Vanilla. In fact Vanilla didn't trust his group trust coach or his life coach, and learned all the exercises by watching. Vanilla had clashes with everyone and his quip the whole show "i just dont want to be thrown under the bus ( neither do i buddy), made everyone weary and disgusted. Vanilla was still plain ol Vanilla at his "arrival" show.. OR did he pull a fast one and just get a free concert out of Vh1? His new cd was his second cd remade. Wow i think he showed them. sorta like calling domino's and pretending you have a free coupon. tv show. free. concert. free. cd. free. sticking it to vh1 so he doesn't get thrown under the bus.priceless
    Stop, collaborate, and listen...Ice is back with the same ol rendition




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