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    Monday, May 09, 2005


    Privateers arose in the time of pirates and kings. Privateers were private citizens devoted to a cause, under the guise of establishment. I already posted about the rise of custom content. as consumers dictate how and what goods are produced. But who speaks for them? In this day and age, it again seems to be private citizens taking the charge. The whitehouse seems to think its good for SS to become privatized. Riding on the train to work, i saw an ad for the Peanut Growers of America. Im sure everyone has seen the Got Milk, Beef: its whats for dinner, Real Cheese ads. All of these groups are spearheaded by private organizations representing the farmers. Do these farmers feel they need to help to compete?What changes in society have forced such an outsourcing of representation? It seems that even 500 years later, people recognize that sometimes they drink their own Kool-aid, and need an fresh view to truly solve the problems.
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