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    Wednesday, September 07, 2005

    When Bad Marketing Gets Uglier

    I was lucky enough that my friend Alex had an extra ticket to the US OPEN. Being my first OPEN, i was happy to tag along and see Sharapova play. For ovbious reasons....Upon entering the station near the stadium, i was enundated with various ad's for Andy Roddick's Mojo. Once inside every single space had a logo slapped on it. Ralph Loren's polo logo seemed to get larger on every wall and piece of clothing i saw. The ball boys had logo's so large i could see them from the upper deck. The flower wall seemed to be sponsored by Heineken. Each row had about 20 logos and ads ran during breaks between games. The one piece of good work i saw was American Express, which by showing a corporate a card, loaned you a radio to hear the live broadcast during the event. Very Cool. Logos slapped everywhere. Horrible. When will American businesses realize that slapping your logo on a wall at an event isn't enough? The fact Heineken is on a wall does not make me buy it, even if its one of 3 beers they sell there. It might as wel be invisible. Another note: The French, Austrailian, nor Wimbledon has so many gratuitous logos allowed on court. Look at the Chase sign on the net...."sell out with me" by Reel Big Fish comes to mind
    Sharapova looked angelic.

    Me and Maria sitting in a tree


    Sarah 1:00 PM  

    I agree. There are so many logos out there that I don't even notice them anymore.

    Here this seems like a reasonable way to advertise:



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