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    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    Let me tell you something

    You havent seen a vegas till you go there. It definitely runs on its own rules. The extravagence down to every drop. A center so concentrated only to create sprawl in every direction. Fueled by one thing. Money and an extreme focus on it at that. While sadly some folks nearby throw their house, their car, everything down the drain. Just to let it ride. A crazy place that imitates intself. In the middle of a nowhere desert. Just make sure you have a drink in your hand because you might get a crazy look if you dont. Its easy to forget with all that oxygen they pump in. Oh and yeah their arent any trees, so you might say Las Vegas is stealing oxygen from all of us. Maybe thats what makes you forget when you leave.
    or the fake volacano in the lake in front of the hotel.




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