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    Tuesday, September 20, 2005

    bottoms up

    The beer convention provided an excellent opportunity to get a guage on our category. All the usual suspects are here, along with a couple surprises. So many beer seem to hang there hat on a country of origin. Its incredible to watch so many brands muddled by a sea of insconsistency. A few things did catch my eye. Fantastic labels and a couple unique cups have fancied the crowd. Its such a sterotypical tradeshow with sales people running around in khakis and collared shirts. I am so glad i ditched the marketing. Coltrane is out of control running around like a freakin celeb. Hilarious as the man with no pass, floats from exhibit to exhibit and people woo him. He would rightly argue he is the "tastemaker" but his spectacle makes the event much more enjoyable. Ben on the other hand, got thrown out for no pass.

    Coltrane finally finds a solution to making another trip to the bar.

    Here are some cool neons. Would love one in the agency or my crib for that matter.

    This was one cool piece of technology. The guys at the booth couldnt decide on a price as they thought we really wanted to buy it. The tap actually has ice on the outside. The salesperson completely undercut his sale as he said they rebuilt horrible italian versions only to have the italians buy them back. hmm go figure.

    Here is my haul. Not too bad but not nearly on scale with Trane. His bag busted open.


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