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    Thursday, September 08, 2005


    The remix. Mia Galang-Galang. Space Ghost coast to coast. Run DMC. Red vs blue. negativland's U2. The art of the mash-up or combination of two mediums, cultural force, or objects in the name of creativity/spontaneity has been around for a hot minute. Well on my recent trip down to NC i visited one of my best friends Drew. Being out in the creek, where he is currently attending law school, i didn't expect to find a new form of the remix at work. Somehow Drew combined the latest Dane Cook stand up act with the Beavis & Butthead movie. What a combo. At times he swore the words synched up. Possibly that was something else speaking, but it was quite an experience indeed. Could this be the future? Well the Brits are already embracing the mash-up and have contests around creating your own. The BBC are inviting mash-up fans to its Superstar VJs site which offers a whole host of clips available for free download and a music video competition in which to enter your creations. Almost 100 clips, from shows such as Walking With Beasts and Tomorrow's World, are for the UK public to use for free in their own creative works.clever clever.




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