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    Friday, September 02, 2005

    thinking (of getting) outside the box

    6 strangers in seven cities across Canada are challenged to stay for 5 days in glassed-in boxes outfitted with the latest in technology without being able to leave and one of them will go home winning all the toys. The Canadian electronics store Future Shop is holding a “dorm room challenge” in which six strangers spend five days surrounded by gadgets. Before you say, ‘where do I sign up,’ note that the small box is made of glass and sits on the sidewalk in seven different cities. The winner takes everything in the box—flat panal TV, laptop, Xbox, & a friggin iPod. Hmm this human display seems to be the rage lately. The CK models, the london zoo, now this. Hmm looks to be the size of what i could be livin in....awesome. Enjoy the weekend.
    Damn college is so rough




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