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    Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    The living Hal: your very own network organism

    The city of Trondheim (Norway) is building a school to house more than a thousand laptop wielding students. Lars Paalgard and Even E. Westvang from the Bengler Collective have produced an art piece for their network. Nomen Nominandum, an organism that can live and grow for several years, floats around on the school network. If you call for it by voice or mouse movement it may come to your machine. If you play with it in the right way it will stay until it gets bored. At night, it sleeps curled up on its secluded plasma screen. It has real-time moods, sleeps in on Mondays and may decide to go away for a month in January. Its growth is very slow and as with living things you may never see it grow, but rather remember that it looked completely different some years ago. Freakin INSANE is right. AI is so here. Stuff like this blows me away. Just sit and ask yourself this.....Is it real?
    Its alive
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