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    Friday, July 29, 2005

    Women incredibly scare in Japan, men create robots to take place

    Japan continues to amaze me on how far technologically advanced they are. We might as well be in the stone age. I mean their transportation system is run by e-wallets on their cell phones. New York's is um, well full of rats and don't even get me started on security, it might as well be the US-Mexican border. Anywahoo Japan is creating life like robots. Apparently so real, people forget that they are interacting with cyborgs...hmmmm what are you implying exactly mister? I have seen the sharapova bra pillows and all the AI girlfriend crap. Kinda eerie.But come on fellas. isn't it a little early to throw in the towel on the human chicks? just send em over here to nyc..........
    bake me a pie cyborg




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