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    Thursday, July 07, 2005

    my crafty friends the Japanese

    A report said that scientists at Seikei and Aichi universities have discovered a lubricant that promises near to zero friction. According to the report, in today's Nikkei Business Daily, the multilayer material consists of arrays of ball shaped fullerene molecules, between a sandwich of ultra thin films of graphite. The graphite layers are around 1.3 nanometres, says the paper, with the fullerene balls about .7 nanometres in diameter, with molecular forces keeping the balls spaced evenly. The report claims that when pressure is applied, it operates at a friction force of less than .4 nanonewtons - that compares to top lubricants exerting one nanonewton.

    The Nikkei Business Daily reckons that the stuff can be turned into a powder and applied to mechanical parts to extend their active life. Suuuuuuuure it can be used for ahem machines and mechanical parts. I know how you guys think, ive seen your anime and video games.
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