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    Wednesday, July 27, 2005


    In another attempt to allow Robot's to take over the world here comes the 2005 Robocup. The 2005 RoboCup Osaka, where 400 teams from 35 countries faced off in various competitions over the course of 5 days for the purpose of fostering AI and robotics research globally. In addition to soccer, this years competition saw two new categories added: The rescue category, aimed at improving hazardous rescue bot tech, and the junior category, added to promote bot building amoung the kids.

    Each event was broken down into small-size, medium-size, and 4-legged leagues, along with the Louis Vuitton sponsored humanoid league. Hmmm leather handbags and robots..Like these geeks really want a nice ass leather purse or some sporty fashion piece after building r2d2's. I saw some footage of this with Honda's robot a couple years ago and it was mind blowing. These robots could really move. If i can get some updated clips i will post them.




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