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    Sunday, July 03, 2005

    the state of independence

    Every 4th of July is a special one for me. I take that moment and give thanks to be standing where i am at that moment. Long, long ago some brave men took a stand in what they believed in. And the collective power of individuals took the shape of our great country. So many freedoms and repects are granted to us. We are free. Yet it needs to be appreciated more than it is. A great many men died so that we could walk freely. Give thanks, but realize that freedom needs to be preserved. For us to continue as a great country, we need volunteering and cogniscence. Too many take for granted what we have today. i always use the 4th as a timeout in my life. For me i see the progress and change of a year gone by. Wow, it has been good. But it wouldn't be so sweet if i didn't have the freedoms that i do.




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