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    Wednesday, August 29, 2007

    Vice's Colt 45 Bag + Comic Adventures

    Vice is without a doubt one of the most irreverent and cherished magazines out there today. Vice is that guy that really doesn't give a f$%k. They say what everyone is thinking but is afraid to, traveling to the places you are told to avoid, and other general badass types of things. I had the privilege of chatting with the Vice folks last week, and got hooked up with some schwag including the latest issue of Vice Magazine. While the magazine was the original media vehicle, it now extends to ViceTV, music, and video content. Each platform is true to the brand's (dare i say corporation's) root which is incredulous considering how massive it is. Or is it? Vice has never really wavered in terms of street cred despite going from a freely-distributed zine to a multi-platform self-funded global publishing empire.

    Ok enough of the Vice-hyping jazz. The latest issue has some very cool things if you actually got your hands on it. A paperbag branded with colt 45 allows you to cover your bag in true "brown-bag style" just like all the homies who like to kick it incognito. Smart smart smart. The coolest thing about drinking 40's are the stylish brown bags, and not swilling that malt liquor. The bags could potentially cover everything from sodas to your Corona. All done on the cheap...well done colt, well done. Anyone who reads the mag knows Colt 45 has a relationship with Vice, so maybe its not so much of a surprise; but inside the bag is a colt45 comic book by various artists chronicling the adventures of the brand. Do I smell a scion here? I'm on the fence, when people refer to Pabst as authentic, but Colt 45 has been around the block and i think they realize they do have cache with a different audience than 20 years ago. Is colt 45 the next Pabst?





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