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    Tuesday, August 07, 2007

    One Loves: Digital Gravel

    There are so many sportstyle websites out there from hypebeast to hypediss to to riott (shout out to Trane) to sneakerfreaker Each covers that seem street scene/ street style world i have unfortunately become accustomed to being a part of. For some reason though i really love Digital Gravel. I would have been clueless had i not done some work for a shoe and sportwear giant with some kids who were really the beta bunch. Digital Gravel sends out daily emails of the latest joints and links where to pick them up. Part of me believes that as economies switch to digital, filters will really rise in importance. While consumers are more empowered and want control, the majority still like things curated and handed to them. Its the filter that makes things interesting. Digital Gravel is a great lens on streetwear, in the way thrillist and dailycandy have established themselves. Minus the witty text, DG is pure up eye candy. Take a gander if you need a style check.






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