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    Saturday, August 25, 2007

    Reinvention: The Roasting Plant

    Coffee. Been done a thousand ways and once more. Dark, light, mug matching etc. Here's a new take from the Roasting Plant on the LES. Popped in the other day for a peek. They are known fo their coffee that never touches the outside air, beans to roast to consumption. Its allll about the air baby or lack their of it. No humans ever touch the beans and heck they dont taste the sweet air till you drink it. Great spin on branding coffee while everyone else does pods and communal collaboration tables for creative-types. They truly believe they have the most perfect roast; through a controlled and multi-system integrated roasting and brewing system for untouched beverage bliss. The product is questionable, Consumers seem to buy it though juding foot traffic. Modern provenance is an Interesting twist, but is the coffee really better? I wouldn't know, i don't drink the stuff.




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