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    Thursday, August 16, 2007

    Its All About the Container

    Nalgene has a brilliant little thing going on with their bottles. Great design is multi-functional (behaviorial and occasion -ly speaking here). Consumers sporting these bottles are either your backpacking hippies, socially conscious or just proactive planners. Nalgene has stuffed their bottles with helpful things you need for travel, your pet, kids, the hot hot heat, your auto and first aid for your scrapped knees. Brilliant use of the err technology there guys. Positioning the brand as a 'container' over just a water bottle, makes a stronger case for not only its usage occasion but its stature as a brand. Not to mention you can drink out of it when you get thirsty.

    All in your usual 32oz classic nalgenes… each with a signature color for branding naturally.
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