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    Tuesday, January 16, 2007

    Sony's Monkey Got Me Into Advertising

    Well not really, but a bit of sad nostalgia today. When i was a young(er) lad back at UNC, i really had no clue where i wanted my life to take me. I did take an introduction to advertising class and i remember seeing this powerful spot that made me want to learn the ad gig. I was actually moved by a monkey listening to music.. Sad to report that Choromatsu, the "meditating monkey" who starred in a Sony spot that eventually won best commercial in the late 1980s, died this past Sunday after living for 29 years. Im not sure how "monkey years" go, but my first thought at seeing this spot was h#$y S$%t thats a real monkey. Course i was seeing the spot about a decade after it aired, but I still gravitated towards it. Good advertising tells stories that captivate you and really get your noggin going. The Sony Walkman was such a revolutionary piece of electronics, its probably a couple notches higher than the iPod since it introduced portable music and really started the whole smaller, more accessible, roomier format explosion that we see today in its digital form. I don't think this is the exact spot i remember seeing, but very similar. I seem to recall it having lots of "gorillas in the mist" feeling and water. RIP my monkey-friend, you can now live forever on YouTube.





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